Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jungle Home Stay

After 20 over years experienced in organizing 4WD jungle trekking and camping events, I came to a conclusion to set-up a permanent camp-site with cabins at my own orchard.

As the orchard situated at the fringe of the jungle, it is an ideal location for get-away. Beside close to mother nature, ones will get to know the type of fruits trees like durian, pulasan, rambutan, dokong, guava, jambu madu, petai and others planted there.

As substantial amount of cash are needed in setting-up the place and the finance institution are not keen to finance this type of project, I have to get some adventurous friends to chip-in the initial capital.

Last weekend a group of them turn-up to view the location. Among others we share the ideas on up-grading the orchard with herb plants landscaping.

As we go trekking to view the nearby jungle through the rubber plantation, we have got to clear an obstacle of a fallen rubber tree blocking the path.

Luckily there an axe and a parang inside my vehicle. So the executive city folks taking turns to chop-off the fallen rubber tree. For them it is a life time experience. Nevertheless, they enjoy it.

For those who didn't go for the jungle trekking, they just have a nice time chit-chatting underneath the pulasan tree.

These two photos were taken during the Gapis Adventurous Camping trip that I organized for the Malaysian facebook group early last year.

As the event was very successful, more and more such events keep pouring in for me to organize.

Beside camping and jungle trekking, catering foods for the participants is another important agenda.

As my wife is very use to this mobile catering in the jungle, we will always provide good foods to the campers.

The city folks who turn-up for the camping trip will normally brings along the whole family including the children and even the infants.

Tents and camping gears are all provided to the participants. Sometime security will be quite a problem. As such, I would feel that to have a permanent camp at the orchard will be more handy and secured.

As the orchard is at the fringe of the jungle, during the fruits season we will have a hard time in battling with intruders, especially the wild monkeys.

At night we will have visitors like wild boar, bear, leopard, deer, porcupine and others. This is the beauty to have an orchard away from the civilization.

This will be an ideal place for the city folks to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city. But the jungle rules will be reprimanded and one has got obey it.

Friends helping to clear part of the bushes in the orchard for building up the cabins. And soon the jungle stay (homestay) will be the in-thing amongst the city folks.

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